Learn Spanish : Introduction and Greetings

Learning any new language always starts from basics which is introduction and greeting in that language. Spanish is one of the most beautiful language to speak. You can learn the normal greetings and other introductions in few minutes. Spanish is more like English and that’s why it’s quite easy to remember words. In fact many words are same as English with a bit of change in spellings.

Spanish language is the official language of more than 25+ countries. If you are able to understand and speak a bit of Spanish then you can easily travel to all these countries without any difficulty.

We are going to list basic introductions and greetings along with a beautiful video from culturealley through which you can understand and practice the same thing.

Below is the list of basic Spanish Language introductions and greetings:

  1. Spanish : Español
  2. Hi : ¡Hola! ( H remains silent)
  3. Good : Buen
  4. Day : Día
  5. Good Morning : ¡Buenos Días!
  6. Good Afternoon : ¡Buenos Tardes!
  7. Good Evening : ¡Buenas Tardes! ( Good Afternoon and Good Evening are same.)
  8. Good Night! : ¡Buenas Noches!

Watch the video below to learn the pronunciation along with differences as how to speak these letters.

These are the most common used greetings. We are going to tell few more greetings which are very essential in order to have a conversation with anyone on a regular basis.

Have a look at the greetings and their Spanish conversions below :

  1. Welcome : Bienvenido ( For males)
  2. Welcome : Beinvenida ( For Females)
  3. Nice to Meet You : Mucho Gusto
  4. Sorry : Lo Siento ( Very important 😉 )
  5. Excuse me : Perdón ( For begging pardon)
  6. Excuse me! : ¡Discúlpeme!
  7. Please : Por Favor
  8. Thank You : Gracias ( You must have heard it many movies 😉 )
  9. Fine, Thank you : Bien Gracias
  10. You are Welcome : De Nada ( Say it if someone says thank you )
  11. Bye! : ¡Adiós!

Watch the video below to learn the proper pronunciations of these terms along with few other Spanish ways of saying the same thing.

Next biggest thing after greetings is that how to introduce yourself to someone. Introducing yourself is very important because it’s the way we start talking to others.

Let’s look at some of the basic introducing yourself words and sentences in Spanish Language:

  1. I : Yo
  2. Am : Soy
  3. Yo Soy De Canada : I am from Canada.  ( “Yo” can be skipped. You can directly say “Soy De Canada” means whichever country or place you belong to. )
  4. My name is…. : Me IIamo (yourname) ( “Me IIamo James” for example.)
  5. Hello! How are you? : Hola, ¿cóma estás?
  6. Well, Thanks : Bien, Gracias. ( You already know the words from above.)
  7. And You? : ¿Y tú?

Watch the video below to practice and learn the exact pronunciations of these words:

These are sentences to get you started directly with someone. You can easily understand the Spanish replies as they will be same beside names. You can easily remember these words after 2-3 readings. Practice them with someone for few days and you will easily remember it. Hopefully it will help you get started.

In our next post, we will start to learning Spanish of common sentences that we use everyday and words require them. Keep practicing….

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