13 Different Ways of Saying “Good Night” in Spanish

Just like there are different ways of saying “Good Morning” in Spanish, Good night can also be said in many cute and romantic ways. However the most common among all Spanish speaking countries is textbook standard of saying good night. 

Here are different ways of saying “Good Night” in Spanish:

  1. Good Night – buenas Noches ( Most common and standard one)
  2. Buenas Noches – It can also be used for groups of people and all other people you are familiar with. 
  3. “Que pases buenas noches – Have a Good night.” – Wishing someone good night then you need to say this.
  4. Que duermas bien – It’s more like saying “Sleep Well.” Duermas means night and bien is well.
  5. “Que tengas dulces sueños – Have Sweet Dreams.” Dulces is sweet and suenos is dreams. Tengas means to have in general.
  6. “Que sueñes con los angelitos – Dream with little angels.” Mainly can be wished to little kids. Con means with.

Here are few more ways to say good night in Spanish for KIDS only:

  • Que duermas bien, hija. – Sleep tight, my child.
  • Que duermas como una princesa. – I hope you sleep like a princess.
  • Que descanses. – Have a good night’s rest.
  • Que Dios bendiga tu sueño. – May God bless your sleep.
  • Vamos a la cama, que hay que descansar. – Let’s go to bed, we need to rest.
  • Que tengas lindos sueños. – May you have beautiful dreams.
  • Vamos a contar ovejitas.– Let’s count sheep.

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ways to say good night in spanish

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