8 Different Ways of Saying “Good Afternoon” in Spanish

Good Afternoon is one of the important phrases to learn in any language. If you are going to any Spanish speaking country then you must learn to speak Good Morning, Good afternoon and Good night for sure. Good Afternoon is normally said in between noon and 7’o pm. 

There are many ways to say good morning and good night. In fact there are formal and informal of saying them. However it’s not the case with good Afternoon. There is a single phrase that you can use with anyone. It’s normally the same in every Spanish speaking nation. 

Good Afternoon – Buenas Tardes 

It’s pronounced as BWEH-nahs TAHR-dehs. Greetings are very important to learn if you are visiting any country. People respond easily to such words. They are also a good conversation starters some time. Memorize the word and use it atleast for few days.

Here are few other ways to say it in different situations – 

  1. Have a good afternoon – Tener una buena tarde
  2. Good Afternoon Sir – Buena tarde senor
  3. Good Afternoon madam – Buena tarde senora
  4. Good Afternoon everyone – Buenas tardes a todos 
  5. Good Afternoon to all – Buenas tardes a todos 
  6. Good Afternoon beautiful – Buenas tardes hermosa or buenas tardes bella
  7. Good Afternoon handsome – Buenas tardes guapo

Hope it will be really useful to all of you. 

Buenas Tardes Good afternoon spanish

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