10 Different Ways of Saying “Thank You” in Spanish

There are multiple of saying “thank you” in Spanish Language. However it differs a little bit depending upon the situation. Learning to say thank you is very important as it is used in day to day activities. Secondly it’s very important to say thank you when you are in another country. It creates a positive feeling to the person whom you say it. 

Here are different ways to say “Thank You” in Spanish Language:-

  1. Thank You – Gracias (grass-ee-ass) – It can be used to express gratitude in any context.
  2. Thank You Very Much – Muchísimas gracias or Muchas gracias.
  3. Thank You Sir – Gracias señor
  4. Thank You Madam – Gracias señora
  5. Thanks a lot – Muchísimas gracias or Muchas gracias. (It’s same as thank you very much)
  6. A thousand thanks – Mil gracias
  7. Thank you all – Gracias a todos

If you want to write Thank you in a formal way you then it’s written differently. You need to write “I am grateful” in Spanish language.

  1. I’m grateful – Estoy agradecido.
  2. Thank you in advance – Con gracias anticipadas.
  3. Thank you again – Con gracias repetidas

The most common response to Thank You is “You are Welcome” which is said as:

  • You are Welcome – De Nada.

There are few more ways of saying it formally and informally but these are the most prevalent one in Latin America and other major Spanish speaking countries. It’s very easy to learn all these within 5 minutes. Keep repeating for next few days and you will remember it for the rest of your life. 

Gracias - Thank you in Spanish


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