11 Ways of Saying “How Are You” in Spanish

How are you is an important questions which is asked when we meet friends, family members and even strangers. It’s same across nations even in Spanish countries. It’s simply a way of showing care towards the other person. Asking how are you normally connects people well. It’s very important to learn this phrase as it will help you out a lot in start of your conversation in Spanish speaking nations. I already told you about saying Hello in Spanish and it is followed by saying how are you.

There are number of ways of asking this question. It can differ from situation and according to people whom you are talking with. I am going to list few of them common ways of asking how are you in Spanish that you can learn. Using these below Spanish phrases and words you can make out other ways by combining and using words. 

Here are different ways of saying How Are You in Spanish:

  1. How are you – Cómo está usted (Formal way) , ¿Cómo estás? (informal)
  2. How are you doing – Cómo andas
  3. How are you today – Como estas hoy
  4. How are you feeling – Cómo se siente
  5. How are you doing today – Cómo estás hoy or Cómo andas hoy
  6. How are you beautiful – Como estás hermosa
  7. How are you my love – Cómo estás mi amor
  8. How are you all – Cómo están todos ustedes
  9. How’s its going – Cómo te va
  10. How are things going – Cómo van las cosas
  11. What’s up – Qué pasa

Now you can use above sentences and use other common words of Spanish to form other sentences like how are you doing my friend, how are you doing handsome etc… Normally this question is followed by an answer from the opposite person. I am going to mention them below so that you will be able to understand it. 

Replies to How are you in Spanish:

  1. I am fine – Estoy bien
  2. I am fine, thank you – Estoy bien, gracias
  3. I am fine and you – Estoy bien y tu
  4. Very good – Muy bien
  5. Much Better – Mucho mejor
  6. I am good – Soy bueno
  7. I am fine today – Estoy bien hoy
  8. Very well – Muy bien
  9. I am doing well – Lo estoy haciendo bien

These are most common Spanish replies to how are you. There can be more. It totally depends upon the mood of the person you are talking to. However if you remember these then you can easily figure out whatever they are saying. This phrase comes under greetings category.

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