List of Colors in Spanish

Our lives are filled with colors. Every now and then, we think of colors, let it be clothes selection, shoe selection, jewelry, curtains, doors, walls, and even for hair we think which color suits. This is how color plays a very important role in our lives and so if you really want to expertise in Spanish, then I guess you must definitely learn how to say different color names in Spanish. It will help you like anything.

As a beginner, one way of learning is making your vocabulary rich because once you the words, it won’t be that difficult for you to frame a sentence. Suppose, being a beginner you don’t know how to frame a sentence but then I can tell you something really amazing to adapt. You should memorize all the color names in Spanish, and then whenever you talk to your friends or family and whenever you have to say a color in a sentence, then use the Spanish color name and let the rest of the sentence in your own language. This way at least you’ll be able to memorize most of the color names in Spanish and then day by day, you’ll learn all the words and then of course you will be an expert in the Spanish Vocabulary.

So, let it be a small start but trust me this is how you should proceed. So, here I have listed almost all the color names in Spanish and to make it more interesting to you, I will form a sentence for you with the given word :


  • Green – Verde
  • Red – Rojo
  • Orange – Naranja
  • Yellow – Amarillo
  • Grey – Gris
  • Pink – Rosado
  • Black – Negro
  • White – Blanco
  • Brown – Marron
  • Sky Blue – Cielo Azul
  • Blue – Azul
  • Violet – Violeta


These are some of the common colors names in Spanish. You can use these names in your daily life. Some of the examples are :

Verde : Tengo una camisa Verde

Rojo : Ella tiene zapatos rojos

Naranja : la nube es de color naranja hoy

Amarillo : las lentejas son de color amarillo

Gris : a ella le gusta el color gris solamente

Rosado : cerdos son de color rosa

Negro : la noche es negro

Blanco : los pepeles son de color blanco

Marron : marron es un color oscuro

Cielo Azul : cielo azul es su color favorito

Azul :  azul es su color favorito

These are some of the sentences in which the color names are used. Some of the words in the above sentences you won’t understand. But in this article, all you need to focus on is color names. Once you learn all the necessary words to form a sentence, it will be a few seconds job for you to translate a sentence in Spanish. The only problem you may face is during the speaking as it requires extra effort. You should not only have knowledge of writing but pronunciation is an important part of speaking.

So, all you need to do is first learn to write and then move slowly towards speaking. But for now concentrate on color names and memorize all the names as fast as you can and start using these names in your daily life…!!!

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