List of School Subjects in Spanish

Have you ever thought that it will more easier to learn things if at the same time you keep on teaching to someone else. So here is the whole idea on learning the subject names in Spanish. You can learn the subject names and then you can teach the same thing to your kids or your brother and sisters. By any chance if you are in teaching profession, then it becomes even more mandatory for you to know all the subject names in the respective language you want to learn. So, I’ll tell you the subject names in Spanish and I will also add the audio to make it more easier to you. Once you learn all the names, try to frame sentences with all the words, so that you can use it in future and along with the sentence framing you will be more clear about the grammar too.

Lista de temas (List Of Subjects):

English : inglés


Spanish : español


Chemistry : Química


Physics : Física


Mathematics : Matemáticas


Geography : Geografía


History : Historia


Music : Música


Art : Art


Science : Ciencia


Social Science :  Ciencias Sociales


Computer Science : la informática


Economics : la economía


Physical Education : Educación Física


Biology : Biología


Arithmetic : Aritmética


Algebra : Álgebra


Geometry : Geometría


Calculus : Cálculo


Trigonometry : Trigonometría


Literature : Literatura


Drama, Acting : la actuación


Religious Education : enseñanza religiosa


These are some of the names of school subjects which we come across. If you know the Spanish of these basic subjects, then you are good to go as most of the subjects are covered here. First, you learn the very basic ones like Physics, Maths etc. Once you are good with all the basic subjects, then go for the difficult ones.

If you are done learning the subject names and if you know how to pronounce it, then you can go with the sentence framing. All you need to keep in mind is the grammar what you learnt till now and the main words. In starting, you won’t be able to make a proper sentence but it is totally fine. Don’t fell ashamed of speaking the language because if you’ll not speak at all then there is no way that you can learn it. Here, I’ll give you some examples of sentences which will contain the above subject names.

Here is an example :

I like Mathematics : Me gustan las matemáticas

Music is her favourite Subject : La música es su tema favorito

In the sentence above, you will observe ‘es’, which means ‘is’. But if you have a sentence which has feminine plural, you have to be more careful with the framing of sentences. For example :

is/are : es/son

The bananas are delicious : los plátanos son deliciosos

In this sentence, we have used los, but then you may be thinking that why can’t we use las instead of using los. The reason behind it is we use los in case of masculine, and it is plural form of el. And we use las in case of feminine and it is plural form of la. 

las : the(it is plural form of la, feminine)

los : the(it is plural form of el, masculin)

Some examples are :

Flowers are pretty : las flores son bonitas

The Houses are good : las casas son buenas

But the case will be different when your sentence has plural masculine instead of feminine. It will have ‘los’ for ‘the’ and is/are will be used according to the sentence.

The boys are intelligent : los chicos son inteligentes

Here, you can see that ‘los’ has been used because in this sentence, we have masculine plural. Some other examples are :

The dads are great : los papás son grandes

The Doctors are Gods :  Los médicos son dioses

All the hospitals are not good : Todos los hospitales no son buenas

The old colleges are not good : los antiguos colegios no son buenas

These are some of the examples having los/las and es/son. The grammar rules which have been explained above are really very simple. You just need to pay a little attention and you will definitely get it.

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