List of Ordinal Numbers in Spanish

Ordinal numbers means when we say counting to refer to position as- We are at Car race and when car racing has fined then we want to know who wins the car race. The person who got first, will win car race. So here we refer position from first, Second, third, forth, fifth……. like this. So these numbers are called ordinal number but these numbers are in English ordinal number.

As you are learning Spanish language then you have to learn ordinal number in Spanish. So we it is little bit difference from English ordinal number. as- we say first in English language like if you want to say first in Spanish language then say ‘Primero’. We have given list of ordinal number in Spanish. Learn it from this list.

List of Ordinals number in Spanish:-

     English                                    Spanish

  • First                                         Primero
  • Second                                   Segundo
  • Third                                       Tercero
  • Forth                                       cuarto
  • Fifth                                         Quinto
  • Sixth                                        Sexto
  • Seventh                                   Séptimo
  • Eighth                                      Octavo
  • Ninth                                       Noveno
  • Tenth                                       Décimo
  • Eleventh                                  Undécimo
  • Twelfth                                    Duodécimo
  • Thirteenth                               Decimotercero
  • Fourteenth                              Decimocuarto
  • Fifteenth                                  Decimoquinto
  • Sixteenth                                 Decimosexto
  • Seventeenth                            Decimoséptimo
  • Eighteenth                               Decimoctavo
  • Nineteenth                              Decimonoveno
  • Twentieths                              Vigésimos
  • Twenty first                             Veintiuno
  • Twenty Second                       Vigesimo segundo
  • Twenty third                            Vigésimo tercero  
  • Twenty forth                           Veinticuatro AVO
  • Twenty fifth                             Vigésimo quinto
  • Twenty sixth                            Veintiséis
  • Twenty Seventh                      Veintisiete
  • Twenty eighth                         Veintiocho
  • Twenty ninth                           Vigésimo noveno
  • Thirtieth                                   Trigésimo
  • Thirty first                                Treinta primero
  • Thirty second                           Treinta segundos
  • Thirty third                               Treinta y tres
  • Thirty fourth                             Trigésimo cuarto
  • Thirty Fifth                                Treinta quinto
  • Thirty sixth                                Trigésimo sexto
  • Thirty seventh                          Trigésimo séptimo
  • Thirty eighth                             Trigésimo octavo
  • Thirty ninth                               Trigésimo noveno
  • Fortieth                                      Cuadragésimo
  • Forty first                                   Cuadragésimo primero
  • Forty second                             Cuarenta segundos
  • Forty third                                 Cuarenta y tres
  • Forty fourth                              Cuarenta y cuatro
  • Forty fifth                                  Cuarenta y cinco
  • Forty sixth                                 Cuarenta y seis
  • Forty seventh                           Cuadragésimo séptimo
  • Forty eighth                              Cuarenta y ocho
  • Forty ninth                                Cuarenta y nueve       
  • Fiftieth                                       Quincuagésimo

So these are the ordinal numbers in Spanish. There are some formula by using these formula you do not need to learn it only understand these formula and make ordinal numbers by yourself.


How to learn ordinal number in Spanish:- Here are some methods for learning ordinal numbers easily and swiftly. Just follow these method and learn easily.

Method first:- In first method, I have mentioned below that how to learn easily first to twelfth ordinal numbers easily and swiftly.

  1. You have to learn by heart first to twelfth ordinal number by your self because there is no method for learning it. So you have to memorized it by yourself. 

Method Second:- In second method, I have mentioned that how to learn easily thirteenth to nineteenth. So follow the method which is given below.

  1. There is a formula for it- Multiple of ten+Primero to  Noveno ( which ordinal number you required). 
  2. In Spanish,  décimo means multiple of ten. So you have to put decimo in formula instead of multiple of ten.  
  3. So you have to write ordinal numbers like this. we have given some example below. See and try to write.                                                                                                                                As:-             English                                       Formula                                   Spanish 
  •                  13th or Thirteenth                     Decimo+Tercero            Decimotercero
  •                  14th or Fourteenth                    Decimo+cuarto                Decimocuarto
  •                  15th or Fifteenth                        Decimo+Quinto                DecimoQuinto

   Note:-   18th does not follow this formula because -o is removed from decimo. So you can not write two O together. So memorized it in your memory.

Method third:- In Second method, I have mentioned that how to write 21 to 99 ordinal number in Spanish.

  1. This method is quite simple to learn. Just see following example and try to understand.

As-              English Ordinal                           Formula                                  Spanish

  • 21st or Twenty first                       Vigésimos + Primero          Vigésimos Primero 
  • 22nd or Twenty second                Vigésimos + Segundo         Vigésimos Segundo
  • 31st  or Thirty first                          Trigésimo + Primero          Trigésimo Primero
  • 32nd or thirty second                   Trigésimo + Segundo           Trigésimo + Segundo
  • 41st or Forty first                          Cuadragésimo + Primero     CuadragésimoPrimero

Like this you can write every ordinal number in Spanish. Follow all formula which we have mentioned below. You can write one to hundred ordinal numbers in Spanish by using these method. I have given some other ordinal numbers which will help you to learn how to write ordinal numbers in Spanish.

English ordinal                      Spanish ordinal number

  • 10th or  tenth                                   décimo
  • 20th or twentieth                            vigésimo
  • 30th or thirtieth                               trigésimo
  • 40th or fortieth                               cuadragésimo
  • 50th or Fiftieth                                quincuagésimo
  • 60th or Sixtieth                                 sexagésimo
  • 70th or Seventieth                           septuagésimo
  • 80th or Eightieth                              octagésimo
  • 90th or Ninetieth                             nonagésimo
  • 100th or Hundredth                        centésimo
  • 200th                                                  ducentésimo
  • 300th                                                  tricentésimo
  • 400th                                                  cuadringentésimo
  • 500th                                                  quingentésimo
  • 600th                                                   sexcentésimo
  • 700th                                                   septingentésimo
  • 800th                                                   octingentésimo
  • 900th                                                    noningentésimo
  • 1000th                                                  milésimo

Past hundredth ordinals number you can write it by you using following pattern.

English                            Fomula                                                        Spanish

482th         cuadringentésimo+octagésimo+ Segundo     cuadringentésimo octagésimo segundo

Like this you can write all ordinal numbers in Spanish. So learn how to write all ordinal numbers in Spanish. It is very, the only thing you have to do that just understand all pattern. If once you understand the pattern then it will automatically comes to you.

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