List of Junk Food in Spanish

Junk food is a food that gives lots of calories but little nutritional value. You can find junk food all around the world nowadays. So It is very famous among the children and college student also. It important to know all Types of food in Spanish because we are learning Spanish. Junk food has also another name fast food. If you go any street then you will find many shop of junk food or fast food. So it has been very famous. There are many type of fast food available in the market as- pizza, French fries, Bacon cheeseburger etc.

As we are learning Spanish then we have to know about every word in Spanish. As we have publish many article which will increase your vocabulary of Spanish as- List of objects in Spanish, List of Ordinal numbers in Spanish, How to tell time in Spanish, List of jewelry in Spanish, List of meats in Spanish etc. Like other post, today we will discuss about fast food names in Spanish or junk food in Spanish.

junk food in Spanihs

List of Junk food in Spanish:-

       English                                                       Spanish

  • Soda                                                             Soda
  • Fried Chicken                                             Pollo frito
  • Egg and sausage sandwich                     Emparedado de huevo y salchichas
  • Bacon cheeseburger                                Hamburguesa de queso con tocino
  • French fries                                                 papas fritas
  • Milk shake                                                    Batido
  • Deep fried cheese sticks                           Palitos de queso frito
  • Fish and chips                                             Pescado y papas fritas
  • Pepperoni pizza                                          Pizza de peperoni
  • Tuna melt                                                     Atun derretido
  • Caesar salad                                                ensalada Cesar
  • Hamburger chili                                         Chile hamburguesa
  • Nachos                                                        Nachos
  • Popcorn shrimp                                        Palomitas de maíz
  • Churros                                                      Churros
  • Cheesecake                                               Tarta de queso
  • Hot dog                                                      Pancho
  • Teriyaki chicken                                        Pollo teriyaki
  • Fish fillet sandwich                                  Sándwich de filete de pescado
  • Beef burrito                                               Burrito de carne
  •  Taco                                                           Taco
  • Chicken nuggets                                       Nuggets de pollo 
  • Milk                                                             Leche
  • Cold cut sandwich                                   Sándwich de frío
  • Chef’s salad                                              Ensalada del chef
  • Burger                                                       Hamburguesa
  • Sausages                                                  Salchichas
  • Noodles                                                    Fideos 
  • Pasta                                                         Pasta
  • Donuts                                                      Donuts
  • Potato chips                                             Patatas fritas
  • Crisps                                                        Patatas fritas
  • Popcorn                                                    Palomitas de maiz
  • Sweets                                                      Dulces   
  • Biscuits                                                     Galletas
  • Ice Cream                                                 Helado
  • Potato wedges                                        Trozos de papa
  • Pancakes                                                  Panqueques

So this is the list of fast of Junk food in Spanish, you can easily learn it and also you can write it in your your Spanish vocabulary diary. We eat daily Junk food but it is injurious to health. I have given some sentence related to Junk food in Spanish below. read and try to make more sentence in Spanish.

Sentence related to junk food or fast food in Spanish:-

  • If you continue to eat too much junk food, your health will deteriorate.  Si continúa comiendo demasiada basura, su salud se deteriorará.
  • I like to order pizza.                    Me gusta pedir pizza.
  • I like to eat pizza.                        Me gusta comer pizza.
  • What do you like to order in Fast food?   ¿Qué te gusta pedir en comida rápida?
  • Do you like fast food or Junk food?            ¿Te gusta la comida rápida o la comida chatarra?

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