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Clothes in Spanish And Simple Grammar Rules

We all know that clothes play a very important role in our lives. The way you dress up tells a lot about your personality. Specially, if you are a girl, you have a lot more options for variety of clothes than men. Everyday, you go to office, you need to decide what you want to wear, so, you should know all the clothes names in Spanish. By doing this, you can practice it all day and you will be able to make your vocabulary stronger. If you memorize all the clothes names in Spanish, you’ll get to know how useful it is. You need to wear clothes when you go to work or when you are at home or when you plan to go for a party or when you plan to go out just for grocery shopping or at any special occasion and even we have our night clothes. See, now you know how important knowing the clothes names are because we always discuss about our clothes and jewelry with out friends so it will be awesome to irritate them by naming your dresses in Spanish and not in your own native language.

Before we proceed, we should know what we call word “clothes” in Spanish. The word for clothes in Spanish is “ropa”.

We’ll be learning different dress names in Spanish along with some sentences. First you should know the names and then it will be easy to make a sentence.

List of Clothes (Lista de ropa)

 shirt                                     : camisa

pants                                   : pantalones

coat                                      : capa

gown                                    : vestido

blouse                                  : blusa

pocket                                  : bolsillo

scarf                                      : bufanda

socks                                     : calcetines

skirt                                       : falda

boots                                     : botas

buttons                                 : botones

hat                                         : sombrero

jacket                                   : chaqueta

necktie                                : corbata

shorts                                  : pantalones cortos

sleeve                                  : manga

sweater                              : sueter

trousers                             : pantalones

tuxedo                               : el esmoquin

underwear                       : ropa interior

wool                                  : lana

 zipper                               : cremallera

pajamas                          : pijama

raincoat                          : impermeable

gloves                              : guantes

flannel                            : franela

jogging suit                   : chandal

sunglasses                    : Gafas de sol

waistcoat                      : el chaleco

nightdress                   : camison

belt                               : cinturon


These are some few clothes names in Spanish. Now, the question which is bothering you is how to make a sentence. First, you should try making small sentences, once you know how to frame a normal sentence, it will be easier for you to proceed with the further learning. Here I am giving you some examples which uses some of the above clothes names.

Suppose, you are at a shop and you want to say “I want a shirt”. How will you say it ?

Here, you know the Spanish word for shirt, but the rest words you don’t know. For “I want”, you need to use “quiero” and for “a”, you need to use “una”. So now put all the words together.

“quiero una camisa”  : I want a shirt.

If your vocabulary is good, the rest is easy. You just need to know what to use with what word.

In English, you know there are articles (a, an, the) and we know where to use them. Likewise, in Spanish also, there are some rules. In Spanish total four forms are there for indefinite articles and these are :

                                               un  : masculine singular

                                               una : feminine singular

                                               unos : masculine plural

                                               unas : feminine plural

There are some other rules which you should remember, they might be confusing but are really easy to remember.

Rule 1 : The nouns which end with consonants, add “es” to them.

  Example : 

el lapiz : los lapices      (the pencil : the pencils)

el hombre : los hombres    (the man : the men)

el color : los colores    (the color :  the colors)

el monitor :  los monitores     (the monitor : the monitors)

Rule 2 : If a noun ends in vowel, add an “s” in the end

 Example :

la semana : las semanas   (the week : the weeks)

el dia : los dias     (the day : the days)

el sombrero : los sombreros   (the hat :  the hats)

la falda : las faldas    (the skirt :  the skirts)

Remember these two rules for now, the rest we will discuss in the other articles. For now, you learn all the clothes names and try using them by framing a sentence. And remember above two rules, so next time on wards you should know what to put with a singular and plural vowel or consonant. For better practice, you should not only learn them, but write it down somewhere and paste on your room wall or somewhere so that you can see these words and rules again and again. Keep on practicing… !!!