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List of Drinks in Spanish

There is this element without which no one can live and we all know what it is. Of course, water ! But there are other drinks too which attracts our kind :-) and we should know the Spanish names for all of them. It might help you a lot. Suppose you go out with your friends or on a date and the person with you knows nothing but Spanish. Just imagine, what impression you can have on that person when you will speak the drinks names in Spanish. Not only to have a conversation with the people who know Spanish but you can even irritate you siblings and your parents by taking the drinks names in Spanish rather than your own native language. If they don’t know Spanish, they will definitely ask you the meaning and then this is the time when you can be a Hero and tell them the exact translation of Spanish.

Memorizing the drinks names will be as easy as learning color, clothes, food, and other daily stuff names. Every day or every weekend you go out with your friends, that’s the time when you can practice these words. If you don’t want to practice it then make a habit that everytime you go out to drink with your friends, you revise the drinks names and then go. This way you will end up covering most of the drink names in Spanish.

I have listed down some of the drinks names for your reference which you generally use in your daily life. Try to memorize these words and speak too. Because you know it really well that when you learn something and don’t speak, then there is almost no use of learning. So, here are the names :

List of Drinks (Lista de bebidas)

Water : Agua


Tea : te


Coffee : cafe


Juice : jugo


Beer : cerveza


Wine : vino


Alcohol : alcohol


Champagne : champan


Lemonade : limonada


Milk : leche


Smoothie : Licuado


Soft Drink : Gaseosa


Soda : el refresco


Rice Drink : Horchata


These are some of the common drinks. But as we all know that some people are very selective for example, they will not ask for coffee, instead they will ask for black coffee or decaffeinated or just with milk. Likewise if you know when we go to juice shop we don’t simply say that we want juice, we always mention that which juice we want, either it is orange juice or apple juice. In these cases, you need to remember the names of all the fruits and then only you will be able to frame a sentence or at least take the name of the juice you want.

Here I am giving you some examples of selective drinks of Lemonade :

Lemonade with soda : Limonada con soda

Lemonade with water : Limonada con agua

And here is a list of some fruit juices :

Apple Juice : jugo de manzana

Orange Juice : jugo de naranja

Pineapple Juice : jugo de pina

Tomato Juice : jugo de tomate 

Now, I know what question is bothering you. You are thinking ‘Okay, now I  know the name but then how to ask for it’. I will tell you some different ways to frame a sentence using which you can ask for a drink.  For example :

I want orange Juice : quiero zumo de naranja 

The same sentence you can frame in a different way. Let’s say you want to say ” Give me orange Juice ” instead of saying “I want orange Juice”.

Give me Orange Juice : dame el zumo de naranja

Can I have Orange Juice : Puedo tener el zumo de naranja

Orange Juice, Please : jugo de naranja porfavor

These are some of the ways to ask for a drink. Try to memorize any one of these and you are good to go. Now it’s time to learn another grammar rule. I hope you have memorized the other grammar rules which I have mentioned in the previous tutorials. If you haven’t then please do it otherwise you will keep on learning the new rules and you will forget all the previous ones. So its better to learn this one once you are done memorizing the previous one otherwise you will have a great difficulty in framing a sentence. You will make a lot of mistakes which I don’t want you to do. Okay then, the new grammar rule is :

Adjective : There is a big difference in English and Spanish when we talk about adjective and noun. For example in English we say “Black pen” and in Spanish we say “Pen Black”. The description always comes before noun. It means when you say cute cat, here the description is before the noun. Some of the examples are :

Example (ejemplo) of descriptive words :

Tall : alto

Beautiful : hermosa

Dirty : sucio

Good : bueno

Short : corto

Just this one rule for now. Revise all the others which I have mentioned in the previous tutorials and this one too. I will really help you a lot in framing sentences so please memorize all of , them. If you are facing any difficulty, write them on a paper and post it on your bedroom wall , on your kitchen wall, in your bathroom and anywhere else where you can read. Keep on practising I will post some other vocabulary posts with grammar rules in the other upcoming articles…!!!