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List of Hobbies in Spanish

We all have at least one hobby which we love to do in our free times. Some people like to dance, some like to eat, some like to read, and some just like sitting and wasting time ;-). I almost forgot that some people like to learn Spanish. The important thing is we all should have at least one hobby, it helps us to reduce stress from our daily work life. It makes your mood lighter and even happier.  There are times when we talk to people and they really want to know about us, what we do in our free times or in weekends. This is the time when you can tell them about yourself, about your hobbies. Even if no one asks you, you can ask them what they like to do in their free times. So, instead of asking these questions in your native language, you should try asking it in Spanish. This is when you can make your Spanish vocabulary stronger.

This topic will be little easier for you. You can learn these words easily because it belongs to your interest, your passion. The things you love the most, are the ones difficult to forget. So once you memorize all the hobby names, you will at least memorize your own hobby name. First you should memorize all, and then give your hundred percent to memorize your own hobby. Then you should try to frame a sentence so that you can make a conversation more meaningful.

Here are some of the list of Hobbies :

List of Hobbies ( Lista de aficiones) : 

Dancing : I like to dance.

This sentence you can frame in different ways. You can say “My favourite time pass is dancing.” or you can also say “I am a fan of dancing.”

So, let us see how we can translate :

Dance : baile

1) I like dancing : me gusta bailar

2) I like to dance : me gusta bailar

3) My favourite time pass is Dancing : mi pase epoca preferida esta bailando

4) I am a fan of dancing : soy un fan de la danza

Likewise, we can frame the other sentences with other hobbies.

Singing  : canto

1) I like to sing : me gusta cantar

2) I like Singing : me gusta cantar

3) My favourite time pass is Singing : mi pase epoca preferida esta cantando

4) I am a fan of singing : Soy un fan del canto

Same kind of sentences you can make with other hobbies also. I am listing here some of the other hobbies translation here. Try to make sentences  by yourself.

Reading : leyendo

Painting : pintura

Swimming : nadando (To swim : nadar)

Fishing : pescar

Stamp Collection : coleccion de sellos

Gardening : jardineria

Some of these hobbies are very common but in case you have a very different hobby, then you can search the translation for that particular hobby word and then try to frame a sentence. To remember most of the words, you should ask everybody’s hobby of your family members and then try to relate whose hobby is what. By doing this, you will remember most of the words and it will become little easy to talk with others at least when you are talking about hobbies.

Some of the other activities are :

Photography : la fotografia 

Theater : el teatro

Wrestling : la lucha libre

Soccer : el futbol

Running : correr

Sailing : la navegacion a vela 

Sewing : la costura

Sports : los deportes

Movies : el cine 

Hockey : el hockey 

Hunting : la caza 

Music : la musica 

Football : el futbol americano

Hiking : el excursionismo 

Golf : el golf 

Chess : el ajedrez

Baseball : el beisbol

Basketball : el baloncesto

Biking : andar en bicicleta

Cooking : la cocina, de cocina

To Play : jugar

These are some of the other activities which we do, at least some of us. Once you learn these words, the only thing you need to learn in order to frame a sentence is again learn some other words. For example, if you like to play football or baseball or any other game, you need to know how to say “to play” in Spanish and so you will be able to frame a sentence like ” I like to play football” or ” I play football”. So you can learn a common word “to play” and then “like” . For example :

I like to play football 

like : me gusta

to play : jugar

football : futbol

I like to play football : me gusta jugar al futbol

Now you know the basic words meanings. You just need to replace the hobby name with baseball or basketball or even if you talk about music you will say ” I like to play Guitar”, here also you can see we are using “like” and “to play”. So,

I like to play Guitar : Me gusta tocar la guitarra

The only difference here is the relation of playing, if you are playing a game, you need to say “jugar” but if you are playing an instrument then you need to say “tocar”, it means “touch”. So if you want to translate a sentence which involves saying playing an instrument then you have to use “tocar”.

And Suppose, there is something which you like a lot but it’s not your hobby. You just like it. Then I guess it is easier for you to translate. You just need to say ” I like” and then add the word. For example :

I like baseball : me gusta el beisbol

Sometimes, you will encounter with other words like ” watching”. If you want to say “I like watching TV” or if you want to say “I like watching sports” then you need to know the Spanish translation of “watching”. Example:

I like watching Television : me gusta ver television (ver : to see, to watch)

So, these were some of the ways to talk about your hobbies. Memorize as many words as you can, as these will help you to frame a sentence. Keep on learning and revise all the lessons from the previous tutorials because as you all know, if you don’t revise everything you will forget, so better learn these and then have a look at the previous lessons before proceeding to the next article…!!!