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List of Shopping Words in Spanish

Shopping is most favorite activity of people. Two things are essential for shopping money and the best shop and its best phrase to ask something from shopkeeper. So if you are traveling in any Spanish speaking country or you are learning Spanish then you have to know how to ask something and how to speak and many other words of shopping. If you do not know about too many words for shopping then do not worry because I am here to help you.

I have given below the list of shopping words in Spanish for you. So you can learn all Shopping words in Spanish and say when you need. As vocabulary is very important for learning any language so we have posted too many article for you to learn all vocabulary in Spanish. As- List of shoes types in Spanish, List of vegetable in Spanish, List of flower in Spanish, List of jewelry in Spanish, List of fruits in Spanish and many others. So you can learn and read all vocabulary article which will help you to learn Spanish language. I have given below list of Shopping words in Spanish below.

List of shopping words in Spanish

List of Shopping words in Spanish:-

Basic shopping words in Spanish

    English                                                Spanish

  • Going Shopping                              Ir de compras
  • Entrance                                           entrada
  • Exit                                                     salida
  • Business hours                                horario de atención
  • Open                                                   abierto
  • Closed                                                 cerrado
  • Long weekend/holiday                     feriado
  • Sales                                                     Rebajas
  • Discount                                              Descuento
  • Expensive                                              Caro
  • Cheap                                                   Barato
  • Check                                                Cheque                                           chekeh
  • Cash                                                   Efectivo                                        Efekteevoh
  • Credit card                                  Tarjeta de crédito                      Tar-he-tah deh kredeetoh

Phrase and words related to Shopping with pronunciation in Spanish:-

        English                                            Spanish                                      Pronunciation 

  • Where is the nearest…?   Dónde esta el…más cercano?          Dohn-deh estah el mahs zehr-kahnoh
  • Butcher’s                                         Carnicería                                  Kahr-nee-ze-reeah
  • Baker’s                                             Panadería                                  Pah-nah-deh-reeah
  • Chemist                                            Farmacia                                   Pharma-zeeah
  • Shopping Center                          Centro comercial                        Zen-troh koh-mer-zeeal
  • Market                                                Mercado                                   Merkahdoh
  • Bookshop                                          Librería                                       Leebreh-reea
  • Could you help me, please?        ¿Podría ayudarme, por favor?    Poh-dreeah ayoodahrmeh pohr fah- vohr
  • I am looking for                              Estoy buscando…                       Estoee booskahndoh
  • T-shirt                                                 Camiseta                                    Kah-mee-seh-tah
  • Blouse                                                 Blusa                                             Bloosah
  • Trousers/pants                                Pantalones                                 Pahn-tah-loh-nes
  • Tie                                                       Corbata                                     Kohr-bah-tah
  • Belt                                                     Cinturón                                     Zeen-too-rohn
  • Jacket                                                 Chaqueta                                  Cha-keh-tah
  • Coat                                                    Abrigo                                        Abreegoh
  • Swimsuit                                         Traje de baño                           Trahe deh banyoh
  • Towel                                                Toalla                                          Toh-ah-yah
  • Flip-flops                                          Chanclas                                    Chan-klahs
  • Shoes                                                Zapatos                                      Zah-pah-tos
  • Boots                                                 Botas                                          Boh-tahs
  • High heel                                          Tacón alto                                Tah-khon altoh
  • Toothbrush                                    Cepillo de dientes                    Zepeeyoh deh dee-ehn-tehs
  • I’m just looking                               Sólo estoy mirando               Sohloh estoee meerahndoh
  • I take size…                                        Mi talla es…                               Mee tah-yah es
  • Changing room                                Probador                                     Pro-bah-dohr
  • Do you take…?                                 ¿Aceptan…?                                   Azeptahn
  • Are you open on Sundays?     ¿Abren los domingos?              Abrehn lohs doh-meen-gohs
  • Do you do alterations?             ¿Hacen arreglos?                      Ah-zen ah-rehglohs
  • Does it have warranty?              ¿Tiene garantía?                       Tee-eneh garanteeah
  • How much is it?                            ¿Cuánto cuesta?                        Kooantoh kooestah

So this the list of Shopping words in Spanish. You can learn it and use when you want. It is very important for students who want to learn Spanish language. If you want to learn easily then you have to merge it in your language which you speak daily. So you can easily repeat it daily and practice makes man perfect. So keep practicing and make your vocabulary strong.

List of Directions in Spanish

As you are learning Spanish then you have to know about directions and many other vocabulary in Spanish because if you did not know about words in Spanish then you can not know any things in Spanish because vocabulary is basic requirement for learning any language. We have posted many vocabulary article for making your Spanish vocabulary strong as- List of Diseases in Spanish, List of utensils in Spanish, List of countries name in Spanish, list of flowers name in Spanish, List of fruits name in Spanish and many list of vocabulary section. So you cab read these article by clicking on the link. So today we are discussing about all direction name in Spanish.

It is very important to know about all direction in Spanish because if you want to ask or tell any way in Spanish then you have to know it in Spanish and also you can discuss with your friend. I have given list of directions in Spanish. So read all direction and learn it.

List of directions in Spanish

List of directions in Spanish:-

English                                              Spanish

  • Left                                                     izquierda
  • Right                                               derecha
  • Far                                                      lejos
  • Near                                                  cerca
  • North                                                norte
  • South                                                 sur
  • East                                                  este
  • West                                                 oeste
  • Down                                                abajo
  • Up                                                    arriba
  • Next to                                             junto
  • Straight ahead                             todo seguido
  • Excuse me. Where’s the bank?                 Perdón. ¿Dónde está el banco?
  • I’m looking for the tourist office.             Estoy buscando la oficina de turismo.
  • Is it far?                                                  ¿Está lejos?
  • I am lost. / I have lost my way.                Me he perdido.
  • Could tell me the way to the bank?        ¿Me podría decir por dónde se va al banco?
  • A road map                                               un mapa
  • A street map                                             un plano
  • Can you show me on the map?              ¿Me lo puede mostrar en el plano/mapa?
  • Is there a restaurant near here?               ¿Hay un restaurante cerca de aquí?
  • Is this the right way to the centre?           ¿Voy bien por aquí para el centro?
  • How do I get to Anne’s house?                ¿Por dónde se va a la casa de Ana?
  • Is the bank far?                                         ¿El banco queda lejos?
  • Go straight on                                            Siga todo recto.
  • Turn left/right                                             Doble/Gire a la izquierda
  • Turn left/right out of Calle Mayor.             Gire/Doble a la izquierda al salir de la Calle Mayor.
  • Turn the corner.                                          Doble la esquina.
  • Turn around.                                               Dé la vuelta.
  • Cross the road                                               Cruce la calle.
  • It’s on the left                                                 Está a la izquierda.
  • The school is on the left-hand side.             El colegio está a mano izquierda.
  • It’s on the other side of the street                 Está en la acera de enfrente.
  • It’s at the end of the road.                             Está al final de la calle.
  • It’s 100 metres away.                                    Está a 100 metros de aquí.
  • about 10 minutes on foot                              a unos diez minutos andando
  • Take the next left.                                        Coja la próxima a la izquierda.
  • Take the second road                                  Coja la segunda a la derecha.
  • Street/road                                                      la calle
  • Alley                                                                 el callejón
  • Side street                                                      una calle lateral
  • Pavement / sidewalk                                   la acera
  • Dual carriageway / divided highway         una autovía
  • Motorway / highway                                   una autopista
  • Lane                                                               el carril
  • To change lanes                                          cambiar de carril
  • Left-hand lane                                             el carril izquierdo
  • Exit                                                                la salida
  • Take exit 25                                                 Tome / Coja la salida 25
  • Which road do I take for Valencia?        ¿Cuál es la carretera de Valencia?
  • Follow the signs for Madrid.                    Siga las señales de Madrid.
  • Traffic lights                                                el semáforo
  • after the traffic lights                                pasado el semáforo
  • Just before the traffic lights                     justo antes del semáforo
  • Roundabout                                               la rotonda, la glorieta
  • Crossroads                                                 el cruce
  • at the next crossroads                             al llegar al siguiente cruce
  • Go up / down the street until you come to the lights.  Suba / Baje la calle hasta llegar al semáforo
  • Does this bus go to the centre?              ¿Va al centro este autobús?
  • Is this the right stop for the museum?     ¿Es esta la parada del museo?
  • Where do I get the bus for Madrid / the cathedral?   ¿Dónde cojo el autobús para Madrid / la Catedral?
  • Can you get there by train?                         ¿Se puede ir en tren?

So this the list of direction in Spanish and I have mention some sentences related to directions in Spanish so you can learn and also make sentence by the of of given list. If you feel any problem in this article please mention in the comment box. We will try our best to solve. It is our pleasure to help you. Thanks.