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Different Ways to Say “Good Morning” in Spanish

There are many cute and romantic ways to say “Good Morning” in Spanish Language. However every one of them are bound to some situations or depending upon the morning time.

Here are different ways to say “Good Morning” in Spanish Language:

  1. Good Morning : Buenos Días (Most common and can be used anywhere)
  2. Good Morning : Buen Día ( Used among friends in latin American countries)
  3. Good Morning : ¡buenas! ( It can be used at any point of day including morning)
  4. Good Morning : Buenos Días can be used with any one of “señor,” “señorita,” or “señora,”.
  • Buenos Días señor – Good Morning Sir.
  • Buenos Días señorita – Good Morning Miss.
  • Buenos Días señora – Good Morning Ma’am.

5. To Address a group of people you can say :

  • Muy buenos días a todos – Very Good Morning to all of you.”
  • Pronounce it as : moo-ee boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs ah toh-dohs

Other few Morning Greetings in Spanish Language:

  1. “Ya Amaneció (jah ah-mahn-ay-cee-oh)– Already Dawn” It’s used to make someone wake up from bed.
  2.  “¿Cómo amanecio usted? (koh-moh ah-mahn-ay-cee-oh oos-tehd) ” – It’s more like asking how is your morning.

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different ways of saying good morning in spanish

“Good Morning” in Spanish

Good Morning is one of the most common phrase being used in every country. It does not matter where you are. You can always start your conversation with anyone in the morning just by wishing them Good Morning. It’s also very important to say it in the local languages to make the maximum impact. If you are travelling or living in Spanish speaking country then you must know how to say these basic good morning, good afternoon, good night in Spanish language.

Good Morning in Spanish Language is Buenos días.

Good Morning in spanish

Buenos días