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Planets Names in Spanish

There are eight planet in solar system and every planet has its name as- Earth, Venus, Saturn, etc. As we know all planet name in English but we are learning Spanish language then we have to know all planet name in Spanish. So I have provided all planet names English to Spanish language for student who want to learn Spanish. We have posted many article of English to Spanish vocabulary that will make your vocabulary strong. As- Make-up kit name in Spanish, List of Swear words in Spanish, List of Question word in Spanish, List of body part name in Spanish, List of Class objects name in Spanish and many other lists for Students.

So today we are discussing about planet names in Spanish. I have given list of planet name English to Spanish. In this article you will find all planet name in Spanish and solar system in Spanish. So read and learn all list in Spanish.

List of Planets in Spanish

List of Planets or Solar System Name in Spanish:-

     English                                   Spanish

  • Sun                                             Sol
  • Mercury                                   Mercurio
  • Venus                                        Venus
  • Earth                                          Tierra
  • Moon                                           Luna
  • Mars                                            Marte
  • Jupiter                                         Júpiter
  • Saturn                                        Saturno
  • Uranus                                        Urano
  • Neptune                                     Neptuno
  • Pluto                                             Plutón

So this is the list of planet names in Spanish. You can learn this easily and use when you need. If you want to learn easily all planet name then merge it in your English language means whenever you need to speak about star then speak in Spanish. By using this method you can learn and keep in your mind easily. If you feel any word related to solar system I have missed then please comment below.Thank you.