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Alphabets in Spanish

Spanish is the second most popular language in the world. So If you also want to speak Spanish then we are here to help you. If you are going to any Spanish speaking country then you must know how to speak Spanish. As you want to learn Spanish then do not worry we are here to help you. It is very important to know all basic vocabulary in Spanish. So If you want to learn vocabulary then do not worry we have posted many article related to Spanish vocabulary as- Numbers in Spanish, Ordinal Numbers in Spanish, List of vehicle in Spanish, List of season in Spanish, List of Dog breeds in Spanish, List of dog commands in Spanish, List of utensils in Spanish, List of basic objects in Spanish, List of desserts in Spanish, List of diseases in Spanish and many other.

You can visit all vocabulary by clicking on link. So today I am going to introduce alphabet in Spanish and it pronunciation. As you know Spanish pronunciation is little bit different from English language.I have provide all Alphabets with its pronunciation. So repeat all pronunciation and try to remember all pronunciation. If once you learn all pronunciation then you can easily pronuciate all Spanish words.

Alphabet in Spanish

Alphabet in Spanish:-

English            Spanish                   Spanish pronunciation

  • A                     ah
  • B                     be                                 bay    
  • C                     ce                                  say 
  • Ch                   che                               chay  
  • D                     de                                  day  
  • E                      e                                      ay                 
  • F                     efe                             ay-fay           
  • G                     ge                                 hay   
  • H                  hache                        ah-chay   
  • I                        I                                     ee    
  • J                     jota                              ho-ta       
  • K                     ka                                  kah       
  • L                     ele                               ay-lay        
  • Ll                  elle                                ay-yay    
  • M                eme                                ay-may  
  • N                  ene                                ay-nay  
  • Ñ                  eñe                                ay-nyay   
  • O                    o                                     oh  
  • P                    pe                                   pay    
  • Q                    cu                                   koo        
  • R                   ere                                  ay-ray 
  • Rr                 erre                                ay-rray 
  • S                  ese                                  ay-say        
  • T                  te                                     tay    
  • U                  u                                      oo  
  • V                  ve                                    vay        
  • W             doble ve                      do-blay vay    
  • X                 equis                            ay-kees
  • Y                 i griega                    ee gree-ay-ga     
  • Z                    zeta                            say-ta    

So it is very important to know all pronunciation and practice daily. Once you learn how to pronunciate then you can easily learn all Spanish pronunciation. If you want to learn how to speak Spanish then you have to learn alphabetical pronunciation in Spanish. So learn alphabet and its pronunciation in Spanish.