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List of Swear words in Spanish

As we are learning Spanish so we have to learn all types of vocabulary in Spanish. We have provided many vocabulary list English to Spanish. It will help you in learning Spanish easily. If you want to learn vocabulary easily then you have to learn daily vocabulary. I have posted many vocabulary  article by which you can easily learn and get all vocabulary at one place. On this website you will find every type of vocabulary list as- List of School Object in Spanish, List of language in Spanish, List of Question words in Spanish, Parts of body in Spanish, List of kitchen utensils in Spanish, List of country name in Spanish, list of nationality in Spanish, List of shapes in Spanish, List of Garden tools in Spanish and many more.

You can see more vocabulary list by choosing vocabulary category from right side of the website. Today we are discussing about List of swear words in Spanish. We have given list of swear words in Spanish in which you will find every type of swear word in Spanish. So read and learn.

List of swear words in Spanish

List of Swear words in Spanish:-

English                                            Spanish

Fuck yourself, asshole                Chingate guey

Suck my dick                                Chupa me pito

Suck my dick!                               Chupa mi verga!

Suck my dick                               Chupame el Pito

Suck my balls!                              Chupar mis bolas!

go fuck a donkey                        Cogete un burro

Shut the fuck up motherfucker   C�llate a tu pinch� madre

You are an assholes                       Ere un pendejo

Son of a fucken bitch                     Hijo de la chingada madre

suck my dick                                   Mamame La Verga

Suck My Dick                                    Me la pelas

I don’t give a fuck                           Me vale verga.  .

You piece of shit                            Pedazo de mierda

fucking dick sucker!                       Pinch mamon!

Fucken Laying PIG                       Pinche Puerco echado

Fucking whore                               Pinche Puta

You fucking idiot                          Pinche baboso

Fucking sperm face                   Pinche cada de mecos

Fucking sperm face                    Pinche cara de mecos

Fucking asshole!                         Pinche culero!

Fucking pussy shit eater          Pinche marica come mierda

Fucking asshole                         Pinche pendejo

You’re worthless                        Vales verga

kiss my ass!                              beso mi culo!

good for nothing                      bueno pa nada

donkey face                               cara de burro

a big titty girl                             chichona

fuck you motherfucker           chinga tu madre

suck my dick                              chupa me la verga

you fuck dolphins                     cojes delfinos

i’ll fuck her                                esa me la cojo

dick                                               fierro

idiot                                              idiota

a girl who has a big ass             nalgona

piece of shit                                pedaso de mierda

stupid bitch                                pendeja

fucking pig                                   pinche puerco

fat jack ass                                   pudro pata con

i wanna fuck                                quiero cojer

i want to fuck your                      quier pussyo cojer tu panocha

i want to eat your pussy              quiero comerte la panocha

you have a small dick                   tienes un pito chiquito

your worth shit                             vales pura rriata

Suck my balls!                                 ¡Chúpame los huevos!

So this the list of swear words in Spanish. You can learn all swear words from this list and also you can use when you need. You can also comment in comment box, If you face any problem in learning Spanish then please comment in comment box. Thank you.