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Weather Expressions in Spanish

Weather expressions means we are here with weather vocabulary in Spanish. In this post, you will know that how to say “it is hot” and many other weather phrases in Spanish. So you can easily speak Spanish related to weather expressions after reading this article. It is very easy to learn any language the only one thing you have to know that you have to learn vocabulary as much as you can. If your vocabulary is strong in any language then you can learn that language easily. So today we are going to discuss about weather vocabulary.

We have posted many article of vocabulary lists in Spanish by which you can learn all types of vocabulary in Spanish as- List of shapes in Spanish, How to say shoes type in Spanish, List of zodiac sign in Spanish, List of Objects in Spanish, List of flowers name in Spanish, list of fruits name in Spanish, List of utensils in Spanish and many other Spanish vocabulary’s lists. So you can read all vocubulary for making your Spanish vocabulary strong. We have given list of weather Expressions in Spanish. Read and learn it from the given list.

list of weather expressions in Spanish

List of Weather Expressions in Spanish:-

English                                  Spanish

  • It is snowing                      Está nevando
  • It is raining                        Está lloviendo
  • It is cloudy                         Está nublado
  • It is foggy                            Hay neblina
  • There is a breeze              Hay una brisa
  • It is windy                           Hay viento
  • It is very windy                  Hay mucho viento
  • It is sunny                          Hay sol
  • It is cold                            Hay frio / Hace frio
  • It is cool                            Hay fresco / Hace fresco
  • It is warm                        Hay calor / Hace calor
  • It is hot                            Hay calor / Hace calor
  • It is humid                         Esta húmido
  • The sky is clear                 El cielo esta despajado
  • Storm                                 Tormenta
  • Hail                                    Granizo
  • Temperature                   Temperatura
  • Snow                                Nieve
  • Rain                                  Lluvia
  • Light rain / Drizzle             Llovizno
  • Heavy rain / Rainstorm   Un aguacero
  • Raining cats and dogs     Llover a cantaros
  • Wind                                  Viento
  • Tornado                      Tornado
  • Hurricane                     Huracán
  • Bad weather             Mal tiempo
  • Good weather            Buen tiempo
  • Thunder                    Un trueno
  • Lightning flash         Relámpago
  • Ray of lightning        Un rayo
  • Flood                     Inundación
  • Frost                    Escarcha
  • Dew                     El sereno

So this is the list of weather expressions in Spanish. You can find all types of words related to weather from the given list. It is very easy to learn all vocabulary if you do practice daily. You can also merge all vocabulary in your mother language for easily learn. If you feel that any words related to weather is missed by me then please comment in comment box. Thanks