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List of Question Words in Spanish

Normally we asked many questions. But if you want to ask question then you have to use question word as- what, when, where, which, whom etc. So you know all question words in English but you have to know all question words in Spanish as we are learning Spanish. I have already posted many post related to Spanish vocabulary for student who want to learn vocabulary and speak Spanish.As- Body parts name in Spanish, List of tools name in Spanish, List of diseases in Spanish, List of garden tools in Spanish, List of kitchen Items in Spanish, List of Dog breeds in Spanish, List of Dog commands in Spanish, List of Animals in Spanish, List of flowers in Spanish, List of fruits name in Spanish and many other for you.

So you can learn all these vocabulary lists and practice daily. If you practice daily then you can easily learn all these vocabulary. So learn all vocabulary lists. As in this article we are discussing about question words. So I have given list of question words in Spanish below. In given list you will find every types of question word English to Spanish language.

List of question words in Spanish

List of Question Words in Spanish:-

English                               Spanish

  • How?                                  ¿Cómo?
  • How much?                      ¿Cuánto/a?
  • How many?                      ¿Cuántos/as?
  • How many times?           ¿Cuántas veces?
  • How often?                       ¿Cada cuándo?
  • Who?                                 ¿Quién? (pl. ¿Quienes?)
  • To whom?                         ¿A quién? (pl. ¿A quienes?)
  • With whom?                     ¿Con quién?
  • Whose?                               ¿De quién?
  • What?                                  ¿Qué?
  • Of what?                            ¿De qué?
  • When?                                ¿Cuándo?
  • Where?                               ¿Dónde?
  • Where to?                          ¿Adónde?
  • Where from?                     ¿De dónde?
  • Why?                                   ¿Por qué?
  • For what purpose?           ¿Para qué?
  • Which?                               ¿Cuál?
  • Which ones?                     ¿Cuales?
  • Is there? Are there?          ¿Hay?
  • Do you prefer …?           ¿Prefiere usted …?

So this is the list of Question words in Spanish. In this list, you can find all types of question word in Spanish. If you want to learn easily then you can merge it in your language and speak it by merging in English. If you feel any question word missed by me then please mention in comment box. Thanks.