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Beauty Vocabulary/Make up Items in Spanish

Beauty vocabulary means the things by which women and men make up and increase beauty of face as- Mirror, Shampoo, cream, Comb and many others. We know all make up kit and make item’s name in English but we are learning Spanish then we have to learn all make up kit’s name in Spanish. We have posted many post related to Spanish vocabulary for student who want to learn Spanish. It is very easy to learn the only one thing you have to do that you have to learn all vocabulary in Spanish and try to speak in Spanish. We have posted many vocabulary As- List of Swear words in Spanish, List of tools name in Spanish,  List of Utensils name in Spanish, List of nationality in Spanish, and many others.

So today we are giving another list, List of make up kit name in Spanish. You will find every type of make up kit name in Spanish. You can read all given links by clicking on links. So we have given list of beauty product name in Spanish. So read all and learn in Spanish.

List of make-up Items in Spanish

List of Beauty product name in Spanish:-

English                                          Spanish                             Pronunciation

  • Hair                                          el pelo                                   el pelloh
  • Hair style                                el peinado                             el py-nadoh
  • Hairdresser                           peluquero /a                  peh-loo-caroh / peh-loo carer
  • Hair salon                              la peluqueria                        la peh-loo-kur-eeyer
  • Blonde                                    rubio /a                             roo-beyoh / roo-beyah
  • Bangs                                    el flequillo                           el feckeeyoh
  • Long hair                              pelo largo                            pelloh largoh
  • Short hair                             pelo corto                           pelloh cortoh
  • Curly hair                            pelo rizado                          pello rithadoh
  • Straight hair                       pelo liso                               pello leesoh
  • Highlights / lowlights       mechas                                mechass
  • Coloured hair                   pelo teñido                         pello ten-yeedo
  • Brunette                         moreno /a                           moh-raynoh / moh-rayner
  • Red head                         pelirrojo /a                        pelly-rrockhoh / pelly rrockhah
  • Brown / chestnut hair    castaño /a                       cass-tanyo / cass-tannyer
  • Mirror                                el espejo                         el eh-speckhoh
  • Brush                                 el cepillo                          el theh-peeyoh
  • Face                                      la cara                          la carrah
  • Circles under the eyes        ojeras                          ockairers
  • Bags under the eyes           bolsas de ojos           bolsers de ockhos
  • Blackhead                           punto negro                poontoh negrow
  • Spot                                      el grano                       el grannow
  • Bug bite                               la picadura                   la picker-durer
  • Swollen bug bite               el habón                           el ha-bonn
  • Crows feet / laughter lines           los patas de gallo              loss patass de gayoh
  • Dry skin                                 la piel seca                     la pee-yell secker
  • Combination skin              la piel mixta                      la pee-yell mixter
  • Sensitive skin                     la piel sensible             la pee-yell sen-seebley
  • Cream                                      la crema                        la craymer
  • Shampoo                                 el champú                 el cham-pooh
  • Conditioner                      el acondicionador            el ah-con-ditheeyon-ah-dor
  • Make up                            el maquillaje                    el mah-keey-ackey
  • To make yourself up       maquillarse                      mah-keey-arsey
  • Blusher                               el colorete                        el coh-lor-ettey
  • Eye / eyebrow pencil       la lápiz de ojos / cejas     la lahpeeth de ockos / thechkass
  • la lahpeeth                        de ockos /                           thechkass
  • Eye shadow                        sombra de ojos                sombrer de ockos
  • Bronzer                               el bronceador                    el bron-thee-ah-dor
  • Lipstick                                 pintalabios                         pinter-labbyoss
  • Beauty salon                   el salon de belleza              el sah-lon de beyayther
  • Manicure                            la manicura                       la manny-curer
  • Pedicure                              la pedicura                       la peddy-curer
  • Nail varnish                         el esmalte                        el ess-maltey
  • Waxing (hair removal)    depilación con cera         de-pi-lah-thyonn con thera
  • Laser hair removal            depilación láser               de-pi-lah-thyonn lasser
  • To shave oneself              afeitarse                            ah-fay-tarsay
  • Massage                             el masaje                        el mah-sackhee
  • Tweezers                            las pinzas                        lass pinthass
  • Suntanning rays                los rayos uva                loss ryoss über
  • Cotton wool                          el algodón                    el al-goh-donn
  • Cotton bud / Q-tip              el bastoncillo               el bass-ton-theeyowe
  • Anti-wrinkle                          antiarrugas                  anti-ah-roogers
  • Wrinkle                                   la arruga                    la ah-roogah

So this is the list of Beauty product name in Spanish. You can learn all of them and you can use it by merging in your own language. It is very easy to learn all vocabulary the only one things you have to do that practice and learn daily vocabulary. After few days, you will feel that you have automatically  learn all vocabulary. So practice daily. If you feel any problem on this article please mention in comment box. Thanks.