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Parts of Body in Spanish

You know the name of every part of our body in English but we do not know part of body’s name in Spanish. As we are learning Spanish then we have to know all body part’s name in Spanish. So today I will give you the list of Parts of body in Spanish. It is very important to know all vocabulary in Spanish because when we start learning any language then we think it in English and then we try to convert it in Spanish. So First we have to learn all vocabulary list in Spanish. Here we have posted many posts in Spanish for making your vocabulary strong as- List of kitchen utensils items in Spanish, List of Utensils in Spanish, List of Garden tools in Spanish, List of tools in Spanish, List of chores in Spanish, List of weather vocabulary in Spanish, List of countries in Spanish, List of nationality in Spanish and many other.

So you can learn all these vocabulary by clicking on the link. The only thing you have to do that you have to do practice daily in vocabulary section. It is very important to do practice because practice makes man perfect. So if you want to be perfect then you have to do practice daily of vocabulary section. I have given list of body parts name in Spanish below.So read and learn it by heart.

Body parts name in Spanish

Parts of Body in Spanish:-

      English                        Spanish

  • Head                             Cabeza
  • Hair                                Pelo
  • Face                               Cara
  • Eye                                  Ojo
  • Nose                              Nariz
  • Mouth                           Boca
  • Lip                                 Labio
  • Tongue                        Lengua
  • Tooth                            Diente
  • Ear                                 Oreja
  • Neck                            Cuello
  • Shoulder                    Hombro
  • Arm                               Brazo
  • Elbow                            Codo
  • Wrist                           Muñeca
  • Hand                           Mano
  • Finger                          Dedo
  • Thumb                       Pulgar
  • Chest                         Pecho
  • Back                         Espalda
  • Hip                            Cadera
  • Leg                          Pierna
  • Knee                      Rodilla
  • Ankle                     Tobillo
  • Foot                        Pie
  • Toe               Dedo del pie
  • Skin                      Piel
  • Tonsils           Amígdalas
  • Liver                 Hígado
  • Heart             Corazón
  • Kidney               Riñón
  • Stomach           Estomago
  • Throat              Garganta
  • Nerve               Nervio
  • Intestine              Intestino
  • Bladder                Vesícula
  • Spinal cord          Columna vertebral
  • Artery                    Arteria
  • Vein                      Vena
  • Bone                   Hueso
  • Rib                     Costilla
  • Jaw                    Mandíbula
  • Tendon                Tendón
  • Lung                 Pulmón
  • Muscle              Músculo

So this is the list of body part’s name in Spanish. I have given all body parts name in Spanish. So if you know all body part’s name in Spanish then you can easily learn it by heart and you can also speak when you need. If you want to learn easily then you have to merge all body part’s name in Spanish. If you feel any part name missed by me then please comment in comment box. Thanks