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12 Ways of Saying “I Love You” in Spanish

I love you is certainly one of the most important phrase to learn in any foreign language. Considering that Spanish is considered as one of the most romantic language in the world you must learn and remember to say I love you in Spanish. There are many other words that you can attach along with I love you to make it even more romantic. We will be discussing all those important words as well. Everyone knows “I love you” so you can say it even in English and most people will understand it. 

Below I am going to tell you number of different ways of saying I love you in Spanish depending upon situation and person. You don’t need to remember all those words but you can remember the most popular ones that you can use in your day to day life. 

So this is how you say I love you in Spanish:

  1. I Love You – Yo te amo or Te amo (Intimate way) or yo te quiero or te quiero (Caring way)
  2. I Love You Too – Yo también te quiero
  3. I Love You so much – Te amo mucho ( mainly to Lover) or Te quiero mucho (to others)
  4. I Love You More – Te quiero más or te amo más 
  5. I Love You Beautiful – Te quiero hermosa 
  6. I Love You Baby – Te amo, cariño or te quiero, cariño 
  7. I Love You Forever – Siempre te querré
  8. I Love You a lot – Te amo mucho
  9. I Love You with all my heart – Te quiero con todo mi corazón.
  10. I Love You Son – Te amo hijo
  11. I Love you Sister – Te amo hermana
  12. I Love You Sweetheart – Te amo amor

You can use few more related phrases as well like:

  1. I like you – me gustas (romantically) or me caes bien (friendly)
  2. I like you too – me gustas demasiado
  3. I miss you so much – te extraño tanto
  4. I miss you – te echo de menos

Now you can make a number of other simple phrases using these sentences and words. If you are unable to make anything that you want to add with I love you then you can simply comment so that I can give you the correct answer for it. If you found what you have then please share the article. 

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