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List of Kitchen Items in Spanish

Kitchen Items means we are talking about utensils which we use daily in our kitchen as- bowl, pressure cooker etc. Normally we know all utensils name in English and kitchen utensil’s name in English. But as we are learning Spanish then it is most important to know all vocabulary name in Spanish. We have also mentioned in our previous post many other Spanish vocabulary as- List of flowers in Spanish, List of Garden tools in Spanish, List of shapes in Spanish,List of weather vocabulary in Spanish, List of shopping words in Spanish, List of desserts in Spanish, List of directions in Spanish and many other.

So you can learn all these Spanish vocabulary list by clicking on given link. It is very important to learn words in Spanish because if we do not know vocabulary then we can not make sentences. So today we are sharing another list related to Spanish vocabulary List of kitchen in Spanish. In this article, you can find all kitchen utensil’s name in Spanish.So read and learn all name in Spanish.

List of kitchen utensils name in Spanish

List of kitchen Utensils Name in Spanish:-

English                                      Spanish

  • Can opener            el abrelatas
  • Kitchen                     la cocina
  • dining room            el comedor
  • Place setting          el cubierto
  • Teaspoon                     la cucharita
  • Knife                               el cuchillo
  • Stove                             la estufa
  • Sink                               el fregadero
  • Oven                         el horno
  • Dishwasher              el lavaplatos
  • Tablecloth                    el mantel
  • Table                              la mesa
  • Saucer                   el platillo
  • Plate                          el plato
  • Plates                         los platos
  • Refrigerator             el refrigerador
  • Frying pan                       la sartén
  • Napkin                      la servilleta
  • Cup                                      la taza
  • Fork                                el tenedor
  • Toaster                          el tostador
  • Glass                                      el vaso

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List of utensil’s name in Spanish

So this is the list of kitchen utensils name in Spanish for students who want to learn Spanish. It is very important to learn vocabulary. So read and learn from above list and if you want to learn more utensil’s name in Spanish then please click on the given link above. You can know more list of utensils name by clicking on that link. Please comment about this post in comment Box. Thanks.