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List of Jobs in Spanish

One of the most common questions we come across is “Where do you work and what is your position over there ? “. As we know there are lot of different designations according to different fields we have studied on. In order to understand all the designations we need to learn all the names and once we do it, we can even tell our destination in Spanish to the other people who asks about designation and position regarding your work life.

The names you can learn by applying the techniques I have mentioned in the previous tutorials. All you need to do is figure out where and all, and how many times in a day you can use these words. Try using these words as much as possible as it will help you a lot to make your Spanish vocabulary rich. Whenever you talk to your friends, family or anyone else, try making a conversation which involves the words you have learnt and this is how you will memorize at a much faster rate.

Till now, we have learnt about the color names, dresses, days, and etc with some simple grammar rules.

The most important suggestion I would like to give you is that, you should always revise what you learn. Remember, practice makes a man perfect ! If you stop practicing what you learn earlier and keep on jumping new lessons, you will forget about everything and you will end up confusing yourself with so many Spanish words. So, it’s always better to revise until you become an expert.

I have listed some of the designations names below :

1. Managing Director : Director general

2. Senior Manager : gerente senior

3. General Manager : gerente general

4. Asst. Manager : subdirector

5. Trainee : aprendiz

6. Engineer : ingeniero

7. Doctor : doctor

8. Technician : tecnico

9. Supervisor : supervisor

10. Office Assistant : asistente de oficina

11. Receptionist : recepcionista

12. Manager : gerente

13. Driver : conductor

14. Plumber : fontanero

15. System Analyst : analista de sistemas

16. Software Engineer : ingeniero de software

17. Project Lead : lider del proyecto

18. Project Manager : gerente de proyecto

19. Architect : arquitecto

20. Lead Developer : desarrollador principal

21. System Administrator : administrador de Sistema

22. Customer Support : Atencion al cliente

23. Tester : ensayador

24. Lawyer : abogado

25. Chef : cocinero

26. Marketer : comercializador

27. Content Creator : creador de contenido

Again the question comes of grammar, what grammar rule we need to apply while using all these job roles with a sentence. Knowing the rule is important because if you learn it now, at least it will be on your mind with the words, so when you will start framing a sentence and you need to use these roles, you will get to know what to use with what word. So it is good for you to learn these rules while learning the words. These rules won’t cover much of the Spanish grammar, but at least you will come to know the basic rules of it.  So, here I am going to tell you one more rule which you need to keep in mind while learning all the above words I have mentioned.  In the previous articles I have mentioned three rules, here is the fourth one :

Grammar Rules :

Here we will learn about the Gender of Nouns in Spanish.

The nouns in Spanish are either masculine or feminine.

List of some of the masculine words in Spanish :

Boy : chico

Book : libro

Man : hombre

Tiger : Tiger

List of some of the Feminine words in Spanish : 

Girl : chica

Magazine : revista

Woman : mujer

Tigress : tigresa

A noun in Spanish has four forms and they are :

Masculine singular (masculino singular) : el

Masculine plural (masculino plural) : los

Feminine singular (femenino singular) : la

Feminine plural (femenino plural) : las

Examples : 

The book : The books (el libro : los libros)

The pens : The pens (el boligrafo : los lapiceros)

The girl : The girls (la nina : los ninas)

The garden : The gardens (el jardin : los jardines)

These were some of the simple grammar rules of Spanish which you need to memorize in order to frame a sensible Spanish sentence. Learn all the rules one by one and now since you have been learning only words, you can start framing a small sentence. Using these grammar rules and the rules mentioned in the previous articles, try to frame a sentence and not only frame and keep in your mind but also speak loud so that you will know how correctly you are pronouncing the words. You can even record your voice and listen later and then match it with on line dictionary. I will explain some other grammar rules in the upcoming tutorials, till then keep on learning…!!!