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Days of Week in Spanish

Every now and then you will hear a voice asking you “Hey what day is it ?”. Don’t you think it will be a lot more fun telling the days names to your friends or family in Spanish rather than replying in your native language. By doing this, may be the people who ask you the day just to irritate you will stop doing it just by seeing your expertise over Spanish ;-). So get ready to learn all the days of a week’s name is Spanish. You can even practice it in different ways and I will tell you some of the funny and really interesting way to learn these names.

You can start your practice the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Don’t think anything in your mind. Be loud and tell what day it is and do it daily. Within a week or so you will be an expert in these names. For your reference, you write all the days names in Spanish in a paper (in large and bold letters) and paste it on your bedroom wall.

Then again, when you go to take a bath, do the same. Have a list pasted over their also. Again when you go to kitchen, make a menu of dishes which you prepare starting from Monday to next Sunday, and instead of writing the names in any other language, write it in Spanish. Not only this, but whenever you want to ask your kids or husband or if you just have a boyfriend about the breakfast or lunch or dinner, ask them what they want to have in food and then ask it with the day name like “What would you like to have for breakfast tomorrow(or simply say ” ‘on’ then the name of the day).

There is one more place where you will love to use the name of the days in Spanish and it is your make up desk or your clothes closet. Again you need to write it in bold letters on a paper and paste it on your closet with the names of the clothes you plan to wear on a particular day and do the same with your make up stuff.

But for doing all these fun activities you need to know the day names in Spanish first :

 Monday : lunes

Tuesday : el martes

Wednesday : miercoles

Thursday : jueves

Friday : Viernes

Saturday : sabado

Sunday :  domingo

But I know what question is bothering you. It’s grammar. The grammar rules while using singular and plural. What if we have to say Mondays instead of Monday.

This is the right time when you should know about another important grammar rule in Spanish and it is :

Rule 3 : If you are using a noun and it ends with ‘s’ or ‘x’ and the syllable which is used in last is unstressed, then you need to change the article to plural and the rest will be as it is.

Examples :

  1. Monday : Mondays   (el lunes : los lunes)

  2. Tuesday : Tuesdays (el martes : los martes)

  3. Wednesday : Wednesdays (el miercoles : los miercoles)

  4. Thursday :  Thursdays (el jueves : los jueves)

  5. Friday : Fridays (el Viernes : los Viernes)

So I guess this much is enough for your basic understanding. And the grammar rules which are listed in the previous tutorials and in this one are very important. They will help you a lot when you’ll start framing a sentence rather than words. So memorize all the rules with the words because learning only word will not help you. You should keep the grammar rules in your mind as well. To know more about grammar rules of Spanish, refer the previous tutorials and I will update the other rules in upcoming tutorials. Till then keep learning and have fun… :-)