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Seasons in Spanish

We know all season’s name in English but as we are learning Spanish then we have to know all season’s name in Spanish. As in previous posts, we have mentioned many vocabulary English to Spanish lists as- List of planets name in Spanish, List of office objects in Spanish, List of tools name in Spanish, List of vegetable name in Spanish, List of flowers name in Spanish, List of Love words in Spanish, List of beauty product in Spanish, List of Swear words in Spanish and many other lists. In this post we have mentioned all season’s name in Spanish.

So you can learn all season’s name in Spanish from this post. There are five seasons mainly  as- Summer,Spring, autumn, winter, monsoon. We have given season’s name in Spanish below. You can learn from the list.

List of seasons name in Spanish

List of Seasons name in Spanish:-

    English                          Spanish

  • Spring                        la primavera
  • Summer                    el verano
  • Autumn                     el otoño
  • Winter                      el invierno
  • Monsoon                Monzón

So this is the list of season’s name in Spanish. You can use this whenever you need. If you want to know all vocabulary English to Spanish then select vocabulary category from right hand side of website page. We have given some sentences related to seasons in Spanish for the student who want too speak.

Sentence related to Seasons name in Spanish:-

  • (Spring is the time of the year in which the processes of birth and growth are most evident.)  La primavera es la época del año en que se manifiestan más evidentemente los procesos del nacimiento y el crecimiento.
  • (Autumn seems overwhelmingly sad to me.)       El otoño me parece abrumadoramente triste.
  • (I don’t like winters.)                                               No me gustan los inviernos.
  • (Summer is getting near.)                                       El verano se acerca.
  • (I don’t have anything to do during winter.)      No tengo algo para hacer durante el invierno.