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List of Shapes in Spanish

We study mathematics and many other subjects in our school time. We have seen many shapes in our books as circle, square, rectangle, triangle and many other. we know all shape’s name in English but as we are learning Spanish then we have to know all shape’s name in Spanish. It is very important to all vocabulary and daily using things in Spanish. So we are here for your help. It is must to know all shapes name in Spanish.

We have posts many vocabulary post English to Spanish for making your Spanish vocabulary strong as- List of Shopping words in Spanish, How to say different types of shoes in Spanish, List of desserts in Spanish, List of direction in Spanish, List of diseases in Spanish, List of dog commands in Spanish and many other post. So you can learn what you want from this site. You can read all vocabulary list by clicking on given links. We have given list of shapes in Spanish below. Read and learn from list.

List of Shapes in Spanish

List of Shapes in Spanish:-

     English                              Spanish

  • Circle                                  Círculo
  • Square                               Cuadrado
  • Triangle                             Triangulo
  • Rectangle                          Rectángulo
  • Oval                                    Ovalo
  • Heart                                 Corazón
  • Star                                     Estrella
  • Diamond / rhombus       Diamante / rombo
  • Pentagon                           Pentágono
  • Crescent                            Medialuna
  • Round                           redondo /redonda
  • Triangular                         triangular
  • Rectangular                      rectangular
  • Cylinder                            el cilindro
  • Sphere                               la esfera
  • Pyramid                            la pirámide
  • Cube                                    el cubo
  • Hexagon                           el hexagono
  • Octagon                           el octogono
  • Trapezoid                        el trapecio
  • Semicircle                      el semicírculo

So this is the list of shapes in Spanish. You can learn from here all shape’s name in Spanish. You can easily learn all Shapes name in Spanish by merging it in English. If you want to learn all vocabulary in Spanish then you can choose vocabulary of Spanish language from category. You can find almost all types of vocabulary from this category.