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How to say Different Shoe Types in Spanish

There are different types of shoes available in the market as- Sport shoes, office shoes,leather shoes and many other. So we know all types of shoes in English but we are learning Spanish language so we have to all types of shoes in Spanish. As we are learning Spanish then vocabulary is very important because it is very important to know about Spanish words if you want to make sentence.

So I have posts many vocabulary list for making strong your vocabulary as- List of desserts in Spanish, List of Foods in Spanish, List of Nationality in Spanish, List of love words in Spanish, List of class objects and office objects in Spanish and many other Lists.  Today we are discussing about Shoes types in Spanish. All shoes type in Spanish is given below in a list. So you can learn from the list.

List of shoes types in Spanish

List of types of Shoes in Spanish:-

English                                   Spanish

  • Baby booties                 los botines
  • Boots                              las botas
  • Clogs                               los zuecos
  • Espadrilles                     las alpargatas
  • Flip-flops                         las chancletas
  • Flippers                           las aletas
  • Footwear                        el calzado
  • High-heeled shoes       los zapatos de tacón alto
  • Ice skates                       los patines de hielo
  • Moccasins                     los mocasines
  • Pantyhose                     las pantimedias
  • Platform shoes             los zapatos de plataforma
  • Roller skates                  los patines sobre ruedas
  • Sandals                          las sandalias
  • Shoes                             los zapatos
  • Slippers                         las pantuflas
  • Sneakers                       las zapatillas
  • Snowshoes                   las raquetas de nieve
  • Socks                             los calcetines
  • Stockings                      las medias

So this the list of shoes in Spanish by which you can know all types of shoes and footwear in Spanish. You can learn it in your mind. Remember and practice daily. If you practice daily then you will be used to and you will speak frequently. So it is very important to practice. So keep practicing and remember all vocabulary. If you feel that any word related to shoes have missed by me then please comment in given comment box. Thank you.